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Amla Juice Powder


An ayurvedic powder to be taken with water or juice...

Arjunarishta Special


Arjunarishta Special helps with heart problems and many more. Cardiotonic, Tones up circulation, He..

Blocked Heart Extract


Blocked Heart Extract for people with heart block the electrical pulses that control the heart rate ..

Blood Pressure Extract


£30.00Maintains blood pressure, this is to be taken with Pure`s cow ghee and Dr Pankaj Narams tablet..



100% pure & nutritional 500 gram..

Diabetes Extract


This herbal blend called Diabetes Extract, is going to work slowly. Diabetes Extract is not going to..

Early Discharge Extract


To aid early discharge, mix powder with pure cows ghee and then fill the mixture inside dates. Leave..

Energy, Muscles and Improved Mobility Extract


To give energy, improve muscles and mobility. Please purchase with pure cow's ghee. 3 tsp to be mixe..

Epilepsy Powder


This product is to be taken with Pure Cow`s Ghee and Dr Pankaj Naram`s tablets, which can only be pu..

Erectile Dysfunction


To aid erectile dysfunction, 2 tsp of powder to be mixed with 2 tsp of pure cows ghee and taken twic..

Gout Powder


To be taken with pure cow`s ghee, Dr Pankaj Narams tablets...

Hair Removal Soap


A pack of 6 soaps to remove unwanted hair..

Healthy Bladder Power Extract


Healthy Bladder Powder Extract is for weak bladders and urine leakage. This product will help you ga..

Height & Weight Herbal Powder


Suitable up to age 22, a herbal powder that can assist in weight gain in 2 months and height gain wh..

Inflammation Powder


Inflammation Powder will help with the Inflammation...

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