Naturally beautiful is a tribute to the beauty and tradition of Indian womanhood. Indian beauty has now come into its own and is duly recognised the world over for its calm, intrinsic wholeness. The modern woman now looks back to nature and tradition for looking and feeling beautiful.

Long, flowing lustrous hair has always been associated with women of great beauty. Hair has also been an instrument of fashion. In fact, it is often termed as a person’s crowning glory. Beautiful, bouncy hair reflects the health of a person. It gives the appearance of vibrancy and life. Hair itself is organically dead material, but its follicles are not. The beauty and health of your hair depends upon the health of these follicles. Women spend fortunes on their hair. Well groomed, luxuriant, lustrous hair is quite simply beautiful and sexy. It can signify youth, health and vitality. The hair is the final crowning glory.

Being beautiful is all about lifestyle. It’s about doing the right things, eating the right foods. To do the right things, one has to know what to use. My products take a major step in that direction. By using them, you too can be beautiful with simple and effective directions. The remedies could well take you back on a nostalgia trip, back to nature and its beauty. It’s a fresh look at grandma’s recipes. A plethora of beauty aids and treatments, easy and simple to use. And the results? ... Wait and see.

Teenagers today, eaglerly buy the latest anti-acne and anti-pimple creams at exorbitant prices little realising the side effects. The cure of these ills exists in herbal remedies without side effects which can cure in 3 to 6 months and has strong antiseptic qualities which softens the skin. Similarly, women in most eastern countries have used chikni mitti or Fuller’s earth, mixed with rose water. This is also popularly known as “Cleopatra’s” pack in the west. It helps to tighten the skin and is the basis on which facemasks are marketed.

Women in ancient times were very particular about removing unwanted hair. Ash was used to get rid of them. That’s what my hair removal powder does. Today, women go to beauty parlours for waxing. Nothing changes. The future goes way back, centuries back.