Skin Products

Acne & Pigmentation Massage Oil/ Skin Glow


Removes marks from the face, brings glow to dull and tired skin in 4 weeks, tightens the skin after ..

Acne Extract


A food supplement to be taken with warm water 2 times a day...

Acne Marks & Scars Face Pack


A herbal powder mixture for wrinkles, black heads and marks. This product fills Tints & remove..

Almond Oil Soap (pack of 6)


100% herbal product (free from animal fat). A natural body soap for everyday use. Total weight 615g...

Ayurvedic Nature Fairness Cream


Dark patches and uneven skin tone, this will lighten your face...

Constipation Powder


Constipation Powder helps to give you relief, removes toxins fro the body. This product works with C..

Face Guard Pigmentation Cream


An ayurvedic proprietory medice for external application...

Face Wash


A wonderful face scrub which will help exfoliate dead skin, easy to use (rough circular motions then..

Hair Removal Powder


A dry herbal powder which is rubbed in the opposite direction of hair growth for 10 minutes (and lea..

Herbal Fairness Cream


Excellent for removing black spots, patches, blemishes, etc from the face and helps to remove excess..

Multiple Skin Powder (500 gm)


The following should be avoided: Red meat, spicy food, curds, salt, white potatoes, peppers, tomatoe..

Package Deal - Acne Products


A combination of 8 products for curing acne. Contains Acne Extract (500g), (Constipation Powder 500g..

Package Deal - For Psorisis, Eczema, Head Lice & Fungal Infections


A combination of 10 products for curing psoriasis, eczema, head lice, dandruff and fungal infections..

Package Deal - Permanent Hair Removal


A combination of 7 products consisting on Hair Removal Powder (500g), Pure Ghee (500g), Massage Oil ..

Package Deal - Pigmentation


A total of 8 products including Pankaj Naram's Skin Tonic tablets. Products consist of Pigmentati..

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