Package Deal - For Psorisis, Eczema, Head Lice & Fungal Infections

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A combination of 10 products for curing psoriasis, eczema, head lice, dandruff and fungal infections.  Package contains the following:

Skin Disorder Extract (500 g), Multiple Skin Extract (500 g), Constipation Powder (500g) plus Pure Castor Oil, Exzema Cream (100 g), Healing Lotion, Pure Cows Ghee (450 g), Skin Flare Cream, Massage Oil (200 g), Eczema Soap (3), Skin Tonic Tablets (one month supply).

If you have this condition on your scalp then a further 3 products are recommended (Egg Oil, Scalp Mask and Neem Shampoo). The total cost is £303 for this. Please ring us to order this on 0161 766 2700.