Package Deal - Acne Products


A combination of 8 products for curing acne. Contains Acne Extract (500g), (Constipation Powder 500g..

Package Deal - For Psorisis, Eczema, Head Lice & Fungal Infections


A combination of 10 products for curing psoriasis, eczema, head lice, dandruff and fungal infections..

Package Deal - Permanent Hair Removal


A combination of 7 products consisting on Hair Removal Powder (500g), Pure Ghee (500g), Massage Oil ..

Package Deal - Pigmentation


A total of 8 products including Pankaj Naram's Skin Tonic tablets. Products consist of Pigmentati..

Package Deal - Products For Alopecia


A combination of 9 products for Alopecia, consisting of: Hygain Oil (200ml), Calosol (60 ml), Keshr..

Package Deal for Dark Circles


A combination of 6 products for Dark Circles. Products included: Dark Circle Extract, Pure Cow's ..

Package Deal For Hair Loss & Regrowth


A combination of 11 products for hair loss and regrowth. Products: Kesrakshak Hair Fall Oil Enri..

Pigmentation Cream


A 100% pure ayurvedic product. Contains Aloevera, Vitamin E, Nagarvel Pan, Kapur, Dudhi, Haldar, Dar..

Pigmentation Lotion


A soothing lotion which helps to remove pigmentation from the skin...

Pigmentation, Wrinkles, Black Heads, Acne & Marks Powder


This has tremendoes power to draw out the inner oils and toxins...

Pimple & Acne Soap


An Ayurvedic soap which controls pimples and acne without any side effects and makes skin fair and g..

Pimple Cream


An ayurvedic cream which controls pimples and makes skin fair without any side effects. Contains Alo..

Prostate Extract


For enlarged prostrate. 2 tsp extract to be mixed with 1 1/2 tsp of pure cows ghee in 1/2 a cup of g..

Pain Relief Massage Oil


Pain relief massage oil will target the source of pain...

Parkinson Disease


-Powder supply is 3 months-Tablet supply is 1 month..

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