Hair Food - Protein Pack


A hair food protein powder which is mixed with yogurt and dhoodi juice and applied on the scalp whic..

Hair Growth Powder


For thinning hair, use once a week with fresh ginger juice to stimulate new hair growth. Regular use..

Hair Removal Powder


A dry herbal powder which is rubbed in the opposite direction of hair growth for 10 minutes (and lea..

Hair Removal Soap


A pack of 6 soaps to remove unwanted hair..

Hair Tone Oil Premature


Stops greying hair. ..

Hairo Relief Capsules


For thinning, falling and greying hair. A pure Ayurvedic product (60 capsules)...

Healthy Bladder Power Extract


Healthy Bladder Powder Extract is for weak bladders and urine leakage. This product will help you ga..

Height & Weight Herbal Powder


Suitable up to age 22, a herbal powder that can assist in weight gain in 2 months and height gain wh..

Herbal Fairness Cream


Excellent for removing black spots, patches, blemishes, etc from the face and helps to remove excess..

Himalaya karela pure herbs 60 tablets


HERB FUNCTIONS:Reported to contain constituents that act like insulin to help reduce blood sugar lev..

Hygain Oil


Hair oil for a healthy scalp ..

Hairo Herb Tablets (60 tabs)


For thinning, falling and greying hair. A pure Ayurvedic product (60 capsules)...

Heavy Periods Powder


Do you suffer from heavy periods? If so this will help your peiod carm down and give you reliefe. ( ..

Herbal Hair Falling Control Cream


This cream is to nourish your hair while helping your hair to become strong and healthy...

Herbal Henna


A natural henna dye. Chemical contents after dilution is not more than 1.5%. Available in several co..

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