Blocked Heart Extract


Blocked Heart Extract for people with heart block the electrical pulses that control the heart rate ..

Blood Pressure Extract


£30.00Maintains blood pressure, this is to be taken with Pure`s cow ghee and Dr Pankaj Narams tablet..

B, N, C Brahami Vati Capsules (120 Tabs)


It is used to improve strength of heart. It is used in anti ageing and aphrodisiac treatment. It hel..

Backpain Powder Extract


Do you have back pain, neck or shoulder pain? This extracted powder will target the source of the pr..

Blocked Fallopian Tube


-Full Package For Blocked Fallopian tube-Powder will last 3 moths-Tablets will last 1 month..

Blocked Fallopian Tubes Powder Extract


Blocked fallopian tubes will prevent you from having chilldren, this product will help clean your fa..

Brahmi and Nir Brahmi Powder Extract


Memory enhancer, mental and physical fatigue, insomnia..

Brahmi Vati Tablets (50 tabs)


Brahmi is a brain tonic. This will help work your mind to its full extent,benefits in improving inte..

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