Hair Products

Keshrakshak Long & String Hair Shampoo


Keshrakshak Hair Shampoo enriched with the natural goodness of Aloe Vera & Henna, presents you l..

Keshvelly Oil


Tonic oil for stronger and healthier hair..

Maka (Bringraj) Extract


Promotes hair growth..

Neem Shampoo


A powerful ayurvedic hair and scalp cleanser for oily hair. Helpful in removing dandruff, improves q..

Package Deal - Products For Alopecia


A combination of 9 products for Alopecia, consisting of: Hygain Oil (200ml), Calosol (60 ml), Keshr..

Package Deal For Hair Loss & Regrowth


A combination of 11 products for hair loss and regrowth. Products: Kesrakshak Hair Fall Oil Enri..

Scalp Mask


A paste for the scalp which cures psoriasis, eczema, dandruff, head lice or fungal infections. Net C..



For all hair types - Power of herbsThis herbal Voluminizing Shampoo is specially designed to create..

Afghani Oil


Afgani oil will promote shine and long & strong hair...

Alopecia Oil


Made especially for alopecia clients, if you have started to see bald patches this is the oil for yo..

Calosol Gel Solution


Revitalising alopecia...

Calosol Wash n Gro Shampoo


Anti hair loss, hair revitalising formula...

Dandruff Oil


Dandruff oil will help keep your scalp hydrated and keep the dry skin away...

Hairo Herb Tablets (60 tabs)


For thinning, falling and greying hair. A pure Ayurvedic product (60 capsules)...

Herbal Hair Falling Control Cream


This cream is to nourish your hair while helping your hair to become strong and healthy...

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