Hair Products

Almond Ghee


Made from pure butter and almonds, to be placed directly onto your scalp 3 times a week ..

Aloe Vera Shampoo


A shampoo containing Aloe Vera extract..

Amla & Shikakai Ayurvedic Shampoo


A powerful hair and scalp cleanser for dry hair. Helpful in removing dandruff, improves quality of h..

Calosol 4H Ointment


Reduces hair loss. For eyebrows and beard...

Cow's Pure Desi Ghee


Helps to balance excess stomach acid, prevents blisters and scarring if applied quickly on affected ..

Dhanaayush keshmaayu lepam ( hair growth mask)


Help transform your thinning scalp into a head of full thicker hair.  It goes to work immediate..

Eyova (Egg Oil)


Made from egg oil, an excellent natural hair nutrient for dry scalp which nourishes hair and promote..

Grey Hair Removal Powder Extract


Grey Hair Removal Powder Extract will help keep those white hairs at bay. This product takes 3 year..

Hair Food - Protein Pack


A hair food protein powder which is mixed with yogurt and dhoodi juice and applied on the scalp whic..

Hair Growth Powder


For thinning hair, use once a week with fresh ginger juice to stimulate new hair growth. Regular use..

Hair Tone Oil Premature


Stops greying hair. ..

Hairo Relief Capsules


For thinning, falling and greying hair. A pure Ayurvedic product (60 capsules)...

Hygain Oil


Hair oil for a healthy scalp ..

Keshrakshak Hair Falling Oil


Keshrakshak Hair Fall Oil enriched with the natural goodness of Neem and other exotic herbs is formu..

Keshrakshak Hair Growth Oil


Keshrakshak Hair Growth Oil enriched with the natural goodness of Neem and other exotic herbs i..

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